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My name is Gudrun Getz (MA) and I’m a full-time mother, writer and postgraduate researcher. I set up this site to help you navigate all things ethical and natural pregnancy, birth and baby-raising.

If you’d like to get to know me better, click hereI hope you enjoy your visit!

I believe that, as mothers of the next generation, we have the power to change the world!

How we raise our children reflects the kind of world we want them to grow up in. Join me in starting and sharing the powerful Ecofeminist Mama revolution and give birth both to an extraordinary generation and a sustainable planet.

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    The 10 Best Vegan Pregnancy Vitamins In 2021

    Discover the best vegan pregnancy vitamins available in the UK in 2021. Compare vegan-friendly prenatal multivitamin supplements and single nutrients at a quick glance. Plus download a FREE 6-page guide to where to find your vital pregnancy vitamins in vegan foods.

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    what to pack in your hospital bag

    What To Pack In Your Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag

    One of the most exciting parts of the third trimester of pregnancy is packing that hospital bag. Somehow it makes everything seem a bit more real – after weeks upon weeks of morning sickness, maternity appointments, your bump gradually getting bigger, you actually start thinking ahead to the big day when baby comes. Figuring out

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    what is hypnobirthing

    Everything you need to know about hypnobirthing

    What is hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing is a technique that uses relaxation, breath control and visualisation methods to help you achieve a less painful labour. It’s particularly helpful if you want a natural childbirth with no chemical pain relief like an epidural or opiates. why should you learn hypnobirthing? A common misconception is that hypnobirthing puts you

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    The Essential Guide To Giving Birth At Home

    The essential guide to giving birth at home, having a home birth in the UK. Includes everything you need to know about the safety of a home birth, home birth preparation, home birth vs hospital birth, plus a free downloadable home birth checklist.

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    gentle baby sleep techniques

    Gentle Baby Sleep Under COVID-19 Lockdown

    Stressed and anxious over your new baby’s sleep habits? Even thinking of sleep training your baby? Read this inspiring story of one lockdown mum’s journey from desperate and exhausted to happy, fulfilled and able to enjoy her baby.

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    eco friendly must-have baby items for newborns

    19 Eco Friendly Baby Items For Newborns

    If you’re pregnant, interested in eco friendly parenting and not wanting to fill up half a landfill just because you had a baby, check out my top eco-friendly and low waste must have baby items for newborns..

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